Yesterdays Promise

Theres a shaking, a trembling, a moving in the deep.
Light is rising and the fountains begin to leak.
Fire is burning, embers are glowing, a blowing is fanning into flame forgotten fire and yesterdays promise is breathing again, full of expectation for the now that was and is coming that now is. Full of hope, color exploding, arise my soul and sing your future.

The path rises before, rocky and tired, disappointments being pressed under my feet as I step in cadence to the heartbeat within that is without, that defines and explains, that heals and fulfills, that awakens longing and is the longing we have been afraid to give words to less it overtakes inhibitions and hope actually comes alive hope that the me that He sees is truly the me that will be seen.

No more shadows, leaving dark places behind, stepping into light and finding I am light. My wings begin to stretch and fill with breath. Shall I take flight, leave behind lies that define, sorrow that binds, fear that draws a line? Hope sneaks up, scares me into jumping, faith catches me right when I felt I was falling, love matures and I find I am. I am me, the me You saw and knew before me was, the me dreamt of in the darkness before the stars were hung and named, the me You found in You, springing from Your fountain the fountain of You, the revealer of You because You revealed me. I am free.

Come and see, you are me and now you are free. Step off the cliff, stretch your wings, His wind will blow, dont hold back the time is now. You are free and free is you.

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