The House of Saul and The House of David

A Prophetic Look at Leadership in 2020 and Beyond

Over the past year, a friend and I have had some interesting conversations about the house of Saul and the house of David being leadership types. Their story carries a literal meaning, of course—but allegorically speaking, what do these two houses mean to God’s heart and His plans for His people? 

And prophetically speaking—how do these two houses apply to 2020 and beyond?

There was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. And David grew stronger and stronger, while the house of Saul became weaker and weaker. (2 Sam. 3:1 ESV)

Let’s start off by taking a look at the house of Saul.

The House of Saul

Chosen by God through the prophet Samuel, Saul was the first king of Israel. He carried an anointing to set Israel free from their enemies and bring about God’s plan for the nation. 

But from the beginning of his story, he dealt with fear—because he was from the tribe of Benjamin that had recently disgraced the rest of the country, because his family didn’t have a place of prominence, because he didn’t have any major accomplishments with which he could prove his worth (1 Sam. 9:21). 

God used Saul despite the man’s insecurities, but eventually a door pushed open and the fear of man gained a foothold in Saul’s heart. He started responding to the people and making them his focus. Beneath the veneer of “being a good leader,” he followed the people away from God instead of leading them toward God. 

The day came when Saul blatantly disobeyed the Lord because he was afraid of what the people thought. He then deceived himself into thinking he committed this breach for God (1 Sam. 15:10–31). Proud of his victory, he set up a monument for himself (v. 12) and made a pretense of worship (v. 15). 

When confronted with his sin, he seemed to repent, but his obvious true concern was making himself look good in Samuel’s eyes. He begged Samuel to honor him in front of the people so they would continue to think well of him.

What the House of Saul Looks Like Today

At its core, the house of Saul is led by fear but calls it good leadership. These leaders allow the people to direct them, and they call this unity or keeping the peace, when they’re actually muzzling God. They let Him out only when the display of His power highlights how anointed they are. 

Unfortunately, those who think according to the house of Saul have deceived themselves into believing they’re doing God’s will. When they’re shown the error of their hearts, they “repent” in secret but go out and do the same things again.

The House of David

At the beginning of his story, David was out worshiping in the fields. He wasn’t looking for a position, and he didn’t care what people thought about him—he wanted to spend time with God and serve Him faithfully. His integrity compelled him to protect the sheep left in his care even at the risk of his own life, and he saw God’s power back him up (1 Sam. 17:28–37).

His life of worship grew to the point where people wanted to be around him because of the anointing. Even Saul desired his company because only when David played the harp (that is, when he worshiped) did Saul feel at peace. Saul’s son Jonathan loved David and wanted to partner with him to defeat Israel’s enemies. People gathered to this man because he’d set his heart on God.

Seven times Scripture says, “David inquired of the Lord.” When he ran into difficult situations, he didn’t ask what the people wanted—he inquired of the Lord. When he needed to make a decision, when he was in trouble, when he required wisdom, before he made advances or took important steps—again and again David employed a simple strategy: He inquired of the Lord.

Like Saul, David ruled for forty years. Though he made mistakes along the way, he always returned to his starting point: a deep desire for the presence of the Lord.

What the House of David Looks Like Today

Leaders of the house of David lay aside everything to pursue God’s presence. They look to Him for vision and strategy and don’t rely solely on human counsel. 

They’ve built a history of seeing God move in small things and in big things, and their hope is in Him, not in their ability to lead. When faced with increasing unrest, threats, and angry crowds, they don’t bow to the pressure of popular opinion but inquire of the Lord and do whatever He says.

A Changing of the Guard

I believe the Lord has shown me we’re in a season of testing. The leaders of churches and nations are being tested to see if they will give their allegiance to the Spirit of the fear of the Lord or to the spirit of the fear of man. 

The house of Saul will bow to the fear of man and limit God in order to keep the people, but the house of David will fear God and obey His voice no matter what the people say.

This battle has escalated in the Western world until we can see signs of it everywhere, especially in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Sweden. I believe this season of testing will determine the next season. If we bow to the fear of man, we will miss the incredible outpouring of God’s Spirit that waits right at the door.

How This Applies to You

With everything in me, I exhort you to choose the fear of the Lord.

  1. Ask God for the grace to choose Him over man. 
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where the gospel has become religious humanism in your thinking and to set you free from this prevailing power. 
  3. Beseech God to reveal and remove every stronghold that would push you toward the wrong path. 

As you do these things, prepare your heart for the fire of His presence that approaches.

When the fear of the Lord is given space in our lives and hearts, a new passion will arise in worship and miracles will “just happen.” People outside the church will have encounters with Jesus that compel them to seek an answer, and they will wander into our gatherings looking for those answers. An increasing purity will attract a generation of men and women who are willing to devote their lives to a righteous cause. 

The next ten years will see an increase in missionaries being sent out, as well as a new church-planting movement—a move intended for the house of David. If the house of Saul touches it, those leaders will end up being removed, just as Saul was.

I am excited about the house of David I can see rising up in people’s hearts. May it multiply and transform churches and nations around the world! May the victorious King be seen in the lives of worshipers who inquire of Him and do astounding exploits to set His people free from the oppression of the enemy.

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