Cayce Pope

“I would like to thank Streams Ministries for the wonderful impact you have had in my life. You have not only showed me the incredible mysteries of the bible, but also just to help me develop this thirst to know God’s word and discover it for myself. This is not only changed my life, but it is also changed the most important relationships around me. From my sister, husband, and even in my church.”

Keenya Kelly

“Three years ago I realized that I was a prophetic dreamer. I didn’t even realize that was even a thing until I began to start watching John Paul Jackson on YouTube. Soon after my life started to make sense. After John Paul passed away I got connected with John Thomas and I began to realize there was so much more to dreams than just about me. I began to intercede for the things I would dream about. At times I would literally take a nap during the middle of the day just to hear from God”

Sara Acosta

“I am so grateful for Streams Ministries because it is where I have been able to learn and obtain the skills of how to interpret dreams depending on the Holy Spirit, which is one of the ways in which God has chosen to speak to me. I have been able to help pastors, elders, and members of the praise team, among others by hearing the voice of God and by interpreting their dreams. I am very grateful for God guiding me to Stream Ministries and not just being a student, but also being part of the Streams family.”

The Simmons Household

“In April of 2017 God began to download a series of dreams in our household. I went online and came across Dreams and Mysteries with John Paul Jackson and John Thomas. The material on Streams Ministries Website has also been an amazing resource which has helped our family in a time of our lives where God has so much to say through dreams. Not just me, but my entire household has been blessed by the impact of Streams Ministries.”

Hila Moran

“To say the teachings have changed my life is an understatement because it is so much more than that. I am able today to use my gifting here in Jerusalem in a way that I would have never been able to do before. I get to do all that thanks to Streams Ministries.”

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