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Our online classes are formatted for the person who wants to learn at their own pace, prefers self-study, doesn’t have a lot of time, but wants to grow in their spiritual life. Some come with manuals (you can choose a pdf version or a physical version) so you can follow along, look up referenced Scriptures and review what you learned later. Online courses have a lower registration fee than live courses. Each class manual is available in PDF and print form.


  • Limitless Limitless
    As soon as we hear the word ‘creativity’, we often step aside and open the door for ‘arty’ people.

    But God planted a creative DNA in every single one of us; the Bible resounds with proof. Through Joseph and Daniel, David and Solomon, genius was evident that we have grown to know and respect. However, what we may not realize is this genius fully activated their God-given creative DNA. We have lost the understanding of what this is, it was gifted to us to use as a glorious weapon—a firepower so that God’s people could excel to help a world that so desperately needs the creative ideas and solutions of heaven.

    If you believe you were created by God…this course is for you!

  • Gospel of the Kingdom Gospel of the Kingdom
    Now is the time for revival. Jesus is the desire of the nations and you get to re-present Him to the world around you in the power of His Spirit!

    The Gospel of the Kingdom is the gospel Jesus taught and it includes much more than we commonly think.

    This is a shorter version of the online course with the same name. The online course has nearly twice as much material and comes with a workbook.

  • Advanced Workshop in Dreams and Visions Advanced Workshop in Dreams and Visions
    Advanced Workshop in Dreams & Visions is an instructor-driven intensive workshop experience that delves deep into the metaphorical language and the Biblical model of dream interpretation. By applying these techniques to your owns dreams you will mature in your gift. As your skills and ability to listen to the Holy Spirit improves, you’ll be able to share this gift with others by interpreting their dreams.

    Suggested Prerequisites: The Art of Hearing God and Understanding Dreams & Visions

  • Understanding Dreams & Visions Understanding Dreams & Visions
    Does God speak through dreams? Why would He use such a mysterious form of communication?

    What does that mean to you?

    This course, developed by John Paul Jackson from more than 30 years of experience and study, has transformed many lives. Come and discover how God uses these messages from eternity to answer questions like:

    What does God want to do in this situation in my family, my job, my church, or my nation?
    What does God think about me?
    Are all dreams from God?
    Are there supernatural encounters that happen in dreams?

    This course puts foundational interpretive tools in your hands that you can use for years to come.

  • Practical Prophetic Training Practical Prophetic Training
    Hearing God is intended for more than merely giving others encouraging words! Have you ever wondered about:

    How to discern a soulish prophetic word from a spiritual prophetic word and why you need to be able to?
    How to tell the difference between an inaccurate prophecy and a false use of the gift of prophecy?
    What the level of your prophetic calling and what the next steps are to increase in the prophetic anointing and the use of the gift?
    Why God gave the gift of prophecy to all believers and why some have different functions with the same gift?

    The Practical Prophetic Training course answers all of these questions and more.

  • The Art of Hearing God The Art of Hearing God
    If everyone can hear from God, why are there so few who actually do?

    The Art of Hearing God is an introductory yet profound course that will give you step-by-step instructions and practical tools to learn to hear the voice of the Lord clearly and consistently. You will gain a delineated awareness of hearing that allows you to discover how or why you sometimes miss God.

    You will learn how to distinguish God’s voice from your own, recognize some seldom-understood ways the enemy limits your hearing even when God is shouting your instructions, and train you to recognize hindrances that prevent you from hearing Him.


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