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Posted by Streams Ministries | Posted on Fri, Dec 14, 2012
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John Paul plans Broadcast TV program in 2013

John Paul plans to bring the timely subject of dreams, visions and prophecy to broadcast TV in 2013. He will do this with the launch of a new TV program tentatively titled Dreams with John Paul Jackson.

Although the focus of the TV program will be dreams and visions, it will not be confined to just that topic. It will also expand to the areas of hearing from God, understanding the gift of prophecy and the explanation of supernatural experiences.

Through the end of this year, Streams has been offered a matching pledge of up to $100,000 to begin production on this TV program and start purchasing airtime. If you would like to help John Paul tell the world about the remarkable ways God has chosen to speak to mankind in these last days, there’s never been a more opportune time than now.

Donate using the “Dreams on TV” button below and your gift will be doubled by a generous matching pledge, up to $100,000.

Dreams on TV