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Streams Ministries provides a number of resources to help you know God, grow spiritually, and mature in your spiritual gifts. On this page you will find a number of our videos that speak to a variety of spiritual matters. We pray the Lord meets you in these videos, that you realize more than ever how awesome He is and are inspired and equipped to fulfill the purpose God created you for. You will find many more videos on our YouTube channel and you can also find more resources to help you on your spiritual journey in our store and online classroom.


Join John E. Thomas as he talks with some of his friends about spiritual issues. John realized how much of the things he has learned came from “green room” conversations and started these videos to allow you the same opportunity.

Fireside Chat

JPJ Files

We searched our archive for key snippets when John Paul Jackson went off the notes and shared intriguing spiritual concepts. Listen in!

On the road

Join John E. Thomas on the road. These videos are messages John has preached at different venues around the world.

Prophets of the holy land

Filmed in Israel, John E. Thomas teaches spiritual principles that can be learned from the stories of the prophets and the schools of the prophets.


Hannah Crowl interviews family and friends about living the spiritual life every day when you’re not employed by a church or ministry.

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