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Streams Tribe is a community that is working together to restore the awe of God to the earth and help people fulfill the purpose God created them for. There are two ways you can be part of our tribe—prayer and giving.

Ministry is costly and the church has shared that cost from the beginning. Jesus had people that supported His ministry financially, Paul did, and many others. We need people that will commit to partner with us financially so we can continue what we are doing and grow into new areas of service.

Anyone that has a recurring monthly donation or has given $250 or more in the previous twelve months is part of our Streams tribe. You can donate today using the button at the top of the screen or at the bottom of this page.


Pray For Us

All kingdom work is energized and accomplished through the prayers of God’s people. Would you consider praying for Streams Ministries on a regular basis? Click the link before to learn more.

changing lives

Cayce Pope

“I would like to thank Streams Ministries for the wonderful impact you have had in my life. You have...

Keenya Kelly

“Three years ago I realized that I was a prophetic dreamer. I didn’t even realize that was even a...

Sara Acosta

“I am so grateful for Streams Ministries because it is where I have been able to learn and obtain...

Donate to Streams

Whether a one-time donation or a monthly commitment, every penny helps us as we work to restore the awe of God to the earth and help people fulfill their destiny. Your gifts will be put to good use as we continue teaching about and demonstrating the voice of God in all its forms. Click the button below to sow into this important kingdom work!

Streams Tribe Portal

Members of Streams Tribe get early access to the latest Dream Lab episodes, video responses to questions about spiritual dynamics, monthly newsletters, and an exclusive forum. If you are a member of Streams Tribe click below to visit your portal. If you are not yet use the donate button to the left and sign up today!

Once you have joined Streams Tribe you will have access to our community bulletin boards where you can connect with other tribe members to interpret dreams and pray for one another.

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