The Elephant in the Room

The Lord wants to increase your hope. No matter what you’re going through right now, whether you view your life overall as a positive...

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Path to Maturity

The teams that win championships are the ones that do the basics the best. If you want to win in life get good at...

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The Divine Chess Game

Life in God is like a chess game. Some pieces He moves constantly, every game, all the time. Other pieces He moves once a...

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Capture the Moment

In the Moment   It takes real effort to actually live in the moment you are in. So often we are thinking about what...

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Ordinary Eggs

When I teach on dreams, I instruct the class to record their dreams in different ways. We talk about four methods of dream recording:...

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Israel’s Right to the Land

I am intensely interested in what God is doing in Israel. I have visited the Holy Land more than 20 times. Recently, the Lord...

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Are You Called To Be A Prophet?

When Elisha was called to be a prophet, he was out plowing a field. When you think about it, he must have been an...

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Was That Really God

The finances are not coming through. The church you felt called to is not as supportive and welcoming as you had hoped they would...

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Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

Prayer is spiritual warfare. It destroys evil, brings light into darkness and affects, impacts and changes things in the unseen realm. God’s Kingdom comes...

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The Most Excellent Gift

Childlikeness has a special place in God’s heart. He calls us His children, and coming to Him in faith and trust requires hearts that...

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