Wait–What? How to Respond to a Direction Dream

Husband: “Honey, wake up! We have to hurry!”   Wife: “What? What is going on? Why do we have to hurry?”   Husband: “There’s...

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Dream Foundations 4: RSVP

Do you remember the last wedding invitation you received? Most come with the request to RSVP, which means “please respond.” The person who sent...

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Dream Foundations 3: How Do You Know If Your Dream Is From God? Part 2

I love dreams. I love the contours of God’s voice, the creativity He puts into His relationship with each of us. I enjoy interpreting...

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Dream Foundations 3: How Do You Know If Your Dream Is From God? Part 1

How do you know if your dream is from God?   I’ve been studying dreams and teaching people how to interpret them for nearly...

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Dream Foundations 2: Relationship Tools

How did you meet Jesus? Your story, no doubt, is different than mine. Each of us has a unique journey to God the Father,...

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Dream Foundations 1: Unique Journey

I grew up in a non-Christian home where I learned that supernatural things originated from evil sources. The problem was I had a lot...

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Christmas and Cowboy Chaps

by John Paul Jackson I spent the first part of my life, through my early grade school years, growing up in Waxahachie, Texas. My...

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How to Make the Prophetic Gift Safe for Your Community

The moment I got her on the phone, I knew something was wrong. I hadn’t seen her at church in weeks, and my concern...

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Word Flavored Experience

I have a concern that unless our generation takes seriously the work of being theologically accurate that we run the risk of having experiences...

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Gates of Heaven: Encountering God in Your Dreams

Do you ever think of dreams as gates of Heaven? Some dreams are messages from God. Some dreams come from our souls; they are...

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