Dream Foundations 2: Relationship Tools

How did you meet Jesus? Your story, no doubt, is different than mine. Each of us has a unique journey to God the Father,...

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Dream Foundations 1: Unique Journey

I grew up in a non-Christian home where I learned that supernatural things originated from evil sources. The problem was I had a lot...

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Gates of Heaven: Encountering God in Your Dreams

Do you ever think of dreams as gates of Heaven? Some dreams are messages from God. Some dreams come from our souls; they are...

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How to Interpret a Complicated Dream

Dreams are funny things. Some dreams seem like they last for days, some a moment. Some can be related in a paragraph and some...

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Ordinary Eggs

When I teach on dreams, I instruct the class to record their dreams in different ways. We talk about four methods of dream recording:...

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כיצד לפרש חלום מסובך

.חלומות הינם דבר משונה. ישנם חלומות בהם אנו מרגישים כאילו שהם נמשכים ימים, ואילו אחרים קצרים כרגע. חלקם יכולים להיכתב בפסקה ואילו אחרים בדפים...

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