The Five Aspects of Redemption

The work of Christ included five aspects that each accomplished an essential piece of the fullness of redemption.  The Incarnation In the incarnation, God...

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The Fivefold Gifts and the Work of Redemption

I am amazed at what God does and how He speaks. One thing ties into another, piece by piece, until we are holding an...

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Fixed Vase

A few years ago I was in prayer and meditating on the presence of the Lord and suddenly found myself having a vision. I...

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God’s Big Plans For You

How You Can Prepare for God’s Big Plans   God wants to work through you in ways that would blow your mind if you...

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Four Aspects of a Prophetic Word

Do you have a word from God, but it seems like nobody is responding? The Art of Hearing God, we talk about the four parts...

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Yesterdays Promise

There’s a shaking, a trembling, a moving in the deep. Light is rising and the fountains begin to leak. Fire is burning, embers are...

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Remembering Your Dreams

Do You Want to Remember Your Dreams? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “How can I remember more of my...

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Prophetic Trap

Being prophetic can be tricky. When someone grows up with a prophetic gift they will often be feeling and seeing things that others around...

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Honoring John Sandford

Heartfelt Salute to John Sandford Many people spend their lifetime not knowing a father’s love or presence.  Even more live without a spiritual father’s...

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A Tribute to John Sandford

It’s funny. The people that have shaped my thinking the most have been John’s. John Wimber, John Paul Jackson, and John Sandford. From Wimber...

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