Keys to Answered Prayer Part 1

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”  — Matthew 7:7  Prayer...

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The House of Saul and The House of David

Over the past year, a friend and I have had some interesting conversations about the house of Saul and the house of David being...

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Good News of Great Joy

Religion can take something beautiful and turn it into rote and familiarity. It can twist portions of the precious story of Jesus until we...

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Setting Your Heart

by Chariti Kupiec Streams Staff  One day while I was taking The Art of Hearing God, Daniel 10:12 grabbed me and wouldn’t let go:...

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Why We Need Prophetic Reformation

Today’s church is filled with beautiful expressions of prophetic ministry—but unfortunately we can also find a good number of false expressions. Some of these...

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The Divine Drama

I wrote this article for our September Tribe News, our monthly communication with our Tribe members. I thought that it would be a good...

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Are You Called to Prophetic Ministry?

Do you have a prophetic calling?   In The Art of Hearing God, John Paul Jackson talks about the three phases of prophetic development: ...

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The Five Aspects of Redemption

The work of Christ included five aspects that each accomplished an essential piece of the fullness of redemption.  The Incarnation In the incarnation, God...

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The Fivefold Gifts and the Work of Redemption

I am amazed at what God does and how He speaks. One thing ties into another, piece by piece, until we are holding an...

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Fixed Vase

A few years ago I was in prayer and meditating on the presence of the Lord and suddenly found myself having a vision. I...

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