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  • Dreamer - Different Hats Posted on Wed, Nov 18, 2015 “Hats” is the keyword in this new episode of Dreamer. Why is the woman in the dream trying on all the various hats found in a box, and what do they symbolize? The category of this dream is “healing.” Find out why in this newest episode of Dreamer!
Joni Table Talk
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  • Joni Table Talk - 10 Giants Everyone Must Face to Reach Their Destiny
  • Joni Table Talk - Holy Spirit
  • Importance of Leaving a Legacy
  • Joni Table Talk - Dream #16
  • Dreams #17
  • Prophetic Headlines
  • Joni Table Talk - Dream #14
  • Dream Interpretation with John Paul Jackson
  • Days of Elijah with R.T. Kendall and John Paul Jackson
  • Prophecy & Hearing the Voice of God