Removing Powers and Principalities

Written by John Paul Jackson
Removing Powers and Principalities

Our actions are powerful. Every action we take is an invitation for good or for evil to come into our lives. 

The apostle Paul put it like this in Romans 6:16: “Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?” Our god is whatever we obey, and our obedience invites that god to have authority and rule in our lives. When we obey the voice of the enemy, evil comes. When we obey the voice of God, blessings come. It is that simple. Everything we do summons something, good or bad, into our lives. 

When we give the enemy the power of our obedience, he can turn to God and say, “They are not following You anymore. They are following me, which gives me the right to put my people in place in their nation. I can put my principalities, powers and spiritual rulers in their high places. I can bring darkness into the land, because the people are no longer following You.” 

When we obey God, He is justified in putting His angels and blessings over our land; however, when we disobey God, the devil has the right to put his principalities over our land. And whenever the enemy moves in, he brings a curse. 

Step 1: Take Responsibility

When we realize there is darkness in our land, we tend to blame the darkness and not take responsibility for our actions. “God, it’s not our fault that things are so bad — it’s those principalities and powers in the high places. So if we come against them and remove them, everything will be okay.” 

But that isn’t how it works. No, it isn’t going to be okay, because we haven’t changed. We are still sinning, just as we were before. We are still inviting the darkness into our lives. When we violate God’s protocol, we come out from under His authority and aggravate the judicial system He ordained. When we come against a principality and power, we are coming against God’s judicial system because He, in His justice, has to allow that principality and power to be there. 

The first step in removing principalities and powers is to take responsibility for our actions. If we want to remove the darkness that rules our land, we need to realize what gave it the right to be there in the first place. 

Step Two: Repent

The next step is our repentance, which allows God to be just when He removes principalities. Then when principalities are removed, we can draw even closer to His holiness and become a righteous nation. Repentance cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Jesus’ blood covers us completely, and it is as if we never sinned. 

Step Three: Change Your Ways

Remorse says, “I got caught, and I am really sorry I got caught.” True repentance says, “I am changing. I am never going to do that again.” 

Essentially, we decide the course of the nation with our actions. The god we obey is allowed to have power and authority in our lives. When we are living according to God’s ways, darkness cannot possess our land — nor can it maintain the possession it gained when we were not living according to God’s ways. 

Many of us intermingle battling darkness with asking God to heal our land, but I don’t think this does much good. Instead, we need to put that same amount of effort into focusing on God, and only God, because that gives us incredible results.