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Missions & Outreach


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Streams Ministries are involved in outreach efforts throughout the world. We're involved in training and equipping, translations and the establishment of permanent training centers to bring the groundbreaking and crucial teaching and courses of John Paul Jackson to the outermost parts of the world.

Every region of the world we touch is in a different stage of maturity and some areas our intentions are to bless, while others we have intentional plans and strategies to build. Israel, India, Poland, Russia, Asia, Africa, South Africa, the North Atlantic and Australia are all areas of the world we're continuing the impact of John Paul's teaching and training.  Streams Partners are making the difference around the world by helping us donate course and teaching materials, as well as helping us send teams to some of the spiritually darkest places on the planet.

There is a growing international desire to understand the spiritual gifts God has given us, to walk and grow in the prophetic, to study the deeper things of God, including the interpretation of dreams and visions. We're also reaching the world through the TV program Dreams & Mysteries. People who have never heard of John Paul Jackson or didn't realize God still speaks through dreams and visions, today are being awakened to what God promised He would do in the last days.

Please help us continue to reach the world with this crucial message through TV, media and training and resources, by becoming a Streams partner today.