Keyword: Peace

  • Birthing the Evangelism Franchise By Michael Wise Here’s the reality. God doesn’t need tycoons to invest in the business of spreading the Gospel. It’s the single greatest product on the face of the earth and it’s offered at a price (free) that can’t be undersold. Not even by Walmart. The marketplace is white hot and it grows every day. The biggest problem is distribution. The workers are few. Each of us as followers of Jesus are in the ministry. A personal ministry needs a plan just like a business. But it doesn’t have to be thought up from scratch either. If you’ve found something that works consider creating an evangelism franchise and sharing it with others to use as a template.
  • The Deep, Deep Well By John Paul Jackson The problem is that a wide puddle won’t get us anywhere. We could stand in it and not get wet, because there is no depth. We need to be wells, not puddles. What produces depth in our relationship with God? What brings our hearts to life and really teaches us how to live every day with Jesus? Here are a few things I’ve found helpful.
  • Prayer & Spiritual Warfare By John Paul Jackson Prayer is spiritual warfare. It destroys evil, brings light into darkness and affects, impacts and changes things in the unseen realm. God’s Kingdom comes and His will is done when we pray. Prayer does not alter what God has determined. He is sovereign. Instead, it enforces what He has already foreordained. It asks God to overthrow Satan’s plan and implement His.
  • Praying Down Peace By John Paul Jackson I have found that my level of revelation directly corresponds to my level of peace. The reverse is also true — my level of revelation corresponds to my level of anxiety.
  • Wage Peace By John Paul Jackson Contrary to modern Western thought, peace is a fairly violent word.
  • Simple Delight By John Paul Jackson God has never stopped being God, and He has never stopped wanting to manifest who He is to His people.
  • Today, If You Hear His Voice By John Paul Jackson Salvation took effort on God’s part, but relationship with Him takes effort on our part. He is waiting.
  • Peace in the Storm By John Paul Jackson My last e-letter was a prophetic bulletin about the coming perfect storm. Perhaps you read it, and perhaps after you read it, you discovered something — a natural soulish tendency all of us have to deal with: fear. Hard-to-hear, difficult prophetic words such as that one produce all these questions within us (for both the writer and the reader), and if we’re not careful, the questions become our focal point and not the One to whom the questions should be addressed.
  • Hearing God’s Voice in a Chaotic World: Choosing Peace By John Paul Jackson Unless you’re a hermit who hasn’t left your cave in 10 years, you’re probably much aware that times are shaky right now. If you don’t have anything drastic immediately affecting your own life, all you have to do is flip on the news and see what’s happening in other people’s lives. This raises a very important question. How do you find — and keep — your peace when all the world seems to be falling down around you?