Keyword: Fear

  • Making the Most of Watering Holes By Michael Wise There are many easy, uncomplicated ways you can boldly start a conversation about the gospel. As an equipping ministry, we are here to help you share your faith with others and grow through training and resources.
  • Feeding The Spiritually Hungry By Streams Staff The underground house church movement in China is growing exponentially. We don’t know exact figures because, quite frankly, these churches are doing a good job of remaining underground. However, reports from missionaries returning from Mainland China describe one of the greatest, albeit quietest, Church movements in history. It can’t even be called a revival because nothing existed there before it to revive. This reality that spiritual hunger grows in direct proportion to the corresponding amount of persecution surrounding it is a profound irony. When something is easy and readily accessible it can become mundane and unappreciated. When something is rare and hard to come by—even forbidden—it is savored, revered and protected. This principle applies today in Bible-based discipleship and teaching.
  • There Are No Boundaries By John Paul Jackson When it is time, God’s word will come to pass. It does not matter what has opposed you and stood in your way—when God decides it is time, He can make that thing move. He can change your circumstances in a twinkling.
  • Getting Rid of Bees By John Paul Jackson Over time, I have discovered that God takes our fears very seriously. We often do not. Most of us have been afraid of the same things for so many years that we almost don’t notice how they’re affecting us anymore — or worse, we choose to ignore them.
  • The Problem With Fear By John Paul Jackson The problem with fear is that if you look hard enough, you will always find something to convince you that your fear is real — it just might happen.
  • Fighting Fear By John Paul Jackson Truthful and forthright people will tell you that when they are angry, they hear very little from God; when they are fearful, they hear very little from God.