Keyword: Character

  • The Chair You're Sitting In By John Paul Jackson Dependence on the Holy Spirit takes up a lot more “room” than most of us realize. When we think about being dependent on God, we probably think of specific circumstances such as sharing Jesus with someone on the street, difficult financial situations, unpleasant medical reports, etc. When we are running out of options, or just can’t see any other way out, we have to be dependent on God.
  • He Begins What Is Good By John Paul Jackson Faith understands the system of God. You have faith in God because you are starting to understand how things work. You’ve had a glimpse of how God operates, and you are beginning to recognize His heart and intentions. As a believer in Jesus, you always have two options: You will know what the world says—the visible realm—and you can follow its leading if you so desire. But you will also be able to perceive the invisible realm. Through the eyes of faith, you see what cannot be seen, yet it exists. The invisible realm is eternal in nature, and because it is eternal, it is superior to the short-term physical world we live in. There will be times when we cannot understand the invisible realm simply because the inferior cannot fully comprehend that which is superior. The invisible realm helps teach us the ways and purposes of God—why He heals, why He delivers, what He is thinking about when He does signs and wonders and miracles. When we look with faith, we see what cannot be seen.
  • Favor and Prophetic Authority By John Paul Jackson Anytime God gives us revelation we do not yet have the favor or ability to address, He isn't necessarily giving us that revelation so we can act on it right away.
  • The Spirit of Adoption By John Paul Jackson In 1988, my wife and I adopted a child right out of the hospital. I remember walking up to the nurses’ station to sign the adoption papers, and I wondered, Will I be able to love this child as much as I love my natural son?
  • Names of God By John Paul Jackson Learning God’s names changes our thought life, which in turn will change our actions. Our actions become our habits, and our habits become our destiny. Thus, our very destiny is changed by learning His names. By leaning on His wisdom, His power, and His name’s authority we live in a way that other people will want to emulate.
  • The Hope of Tomorrow By John Paul Jackson God sees where we are going more than He sees where we are. His kindness leads us to repentance. His mercy triumphs over judgment.
  • Living the Spiritual Life By John Paul Jackson How would you describe spirituality? Some believe spirituality is the ability to control one’s emotions, be self-disciplined, fast and pray for extended periods of time, etc.
  • Declaring the Names of God By John Paul Jackson Every time a word is spoken, that word becomes established in the Earth. We may not remember it; we may forget it the moment it leaves our lips, but it hasn’t disappeared. In part, this is why we pray. This is why we bless our enemies and not curse them, because if we return their evil actions with evil, it perpetuates evil, but if we return their actions with goodness, it stops evil and starts the flow of God in our lives. The eternality of words is one reason we avoid careless speaking (Matthew 12:36), and perhaps it is also one reason the Bible declares the names of God, His nature and His character over and over again. The Hebrews believe that once a word is spoken, it never stops speaking.