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  • Feeding The Spiritually Hungry The underground house church movement in China is growing exponentially. We don’t know exact figures because, quite frankly, these churches are doing a good job of remaining underground. However, reports from missionaries returning from Mainland China describe one of the greatest, albeit quietest, Church movements in history. It can’t even be called a revival because nothing existed there before it to revive. This reality that spiritual hunger grows in direct proportion to the corresponding amount of persecution surrounding it is a profound irony. When something is easy and readily accessible it can become mundane and unappreciated. When something is rare and hard to come by—even forbidden—it is savored, revered and protected. This principle applies today in Bible-based discipleship and teaching.
  • Hearing God's Voice in a Busy World Prayer is more than just speaking to God. It also means listening to God. It can mean quieting the soul, being still before Him, momentarily letting go of a busy schedule—and just listening. The greatest “noise” that hinders us from hearing Him comes from our minds. My life is so full that my time is usually spoken for, and my mind is constantly working. Demands are placed on me. I’m recovering from radiation therapy and facing potential surgery. There is a lot of “noise” in my life right now. In order to hear the still, quiet voice of the Lord in the midst of chaos and distraction, we need to develop the habit of meeting with Him on a regular basis. There, in His presence, we can practice two things that are capable of changing our lives forever.
  • Prayer to Change Your Life The Bible is filled with examples of godly men and women whose lives were infused with prayer. As a result, entire nations were changed, and the earth saw God displayed in power. Prayer is the most mentioned doctrine and practice in Scripture. The command to pray is found 250 times in the Bible, and praying specific prayers is mentioned another 280 times. I know that prayer can be an intimidating word for some of us. In the middle of busy lives, the thought of prayer can make us feel overwhelmed. So in this month’s article, I want to share with you an easy way to pray—a practice that has radically shaped my walk with God, and I know it will impact yours as well. It’s called Lectio Divina, which is a fancy phrase that essentially means praying Scripture back to God.
  • The Elephant in the Room The Lord wants to increase your hope. No matter what you’re going through right now, whether you view your life overall as a positive or negative experience, whether things are going well or things are going poorly, if you are in good health or poor health, if you are living in surplus or in need, if you are content or sick at heart—the Lord wants to increase your hope.
  • Training India 2015 India is a unique harvest field for Christianity. It’s the birthplace for Hinduism—a religion of many Gods. Some say Hindus worship hundreds, thousands, even millions of gods. And 80 percent of the people in India are Hindu. What makes India unique is that many Indians accept Jesus as a god. Indians accept many of the Christian saints of the Bible as gods as well. But they don’t have a concept of one true God.
  • The Divine Chess Game Life in God is like a chess game. Some pieces He moves constantly, every game, all the time. Other pieces He moves once a game, or He leaves them alone for several games in a row.


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